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Hot Stones Massage


We Offer a verity of services here at PeaceThroughMassage.If you have any questions about our services feel free to reach out.

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Traditional Massage

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Hot Stone Massage

We Offer Swedish, Therapeutic/ Deep Tissue, And Sports Massages.Which prioritizes relaxation and natural healing of the muscels.

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Post Lipo/Surgery Care

Here we take prioritize your health, by assisting your healing process post surgery, through lymphatic drainage.

We Offer a soothing,comforing Hot Tone Massage.

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Traditional Lymphatic Drainage 

We will assist in naturally draining your body of toxins and increase the flow of your body through traditional lymphatic drainage 

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Bliss massage with feet pampering

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Pamper your Face with a exfoliating scrub, a deeply clarifying Clay mask and hydrating lotion and a relaxing face massage

Bliss Massage with face pampering

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Foot pampering massage

Pamper yourself to the max with the face and foot pampering/massage combined

Pamper your feet with a exfoliating scrub, a deeply clarifying Clay mask and soothing lotions, and a relaxing foot massage 

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Add Ons

For our Add ons we offer: 

Full set-cupping

Hot Stones

Hot stones and aromatherapy 

Hot Oil/Aromatherapy

scalp Treatment 

Foot or Face pampering 

Foot And Face pampering 

Bliss Deluxe(face and foot pampering)

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